How to Get A Girlfriend – Joshua Pellicer – The Tao Of Badass Author

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how to get a girlfriend at Joshua Pellicer has recently become a really popular writer because he has got his book published cal…


Heru Earieska says:

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Anthony Sgambati says:

That bitch needs to stfu. Shes mad because none of them want to try and seduce her.

Dea Annisa says:

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Dany Dansen says:

Its not like girls dont wanna fairydust, cause oh boy they want to. They want it at least as much as us, at least !. Its not like some bank box, you have yo know the secret hush hush password to open the clam of paradise with the shiny pearl. Just be you self, and be it 100% as you are and want to be.
If you are not you self, but same douche textbook stereotype, of cause girls can´t make there mind about you, because they don´t have a chance to know you. Be you self is cliche yes, but its free ;)

Dany Dansen says:

They´re sells men, and business men. They get chicks because they have money,because losers buying they’re crap books and extra bonus xD

A Hitler says:

i know right

A Hitler says:

these guys are acting like they have never seen a women in their entire life! fucking losers

Ethan Roberts says:

Lol, says the guy with the name of the person who is marketing this thing anyway xD

Mulyo Taruno says:

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Chase Hrdlicka says:

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aleksandraprivet49 says:

his tips wont work as well for ‘male’ brained (statistical brained) people: many females have statistical brains like me and dont tend to process things as emotionally as he would suggest. hes talking alot about using subliminal messaging – something proved time and time again not to work – google it. his vid is biased as he wants you to buy his book: note he doesnt actually use statistics.positive feedback aquired could be due to confidence gained by faith in the book he tries so hard to sell.

8hotchocolate8 says:

fucking sad

John Rambo says:

Sooooo long story short, look at lips not eyes, right.

Julie Mcgregger says:

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TheTaoOfBadassGuide says:

I bought this for $11 on Ebay dot com

Steve Anderson says:

this interview about the tao of badass is very interesting (:

mark f says:

probably because he has a prince look(gayish facial expression) thats y u didnt get a number

Bee Lubnikova says:

theyre sooooo annoyinggggg

Michael Du Bleu says:

seems really good, but i have some question about it. if i decide to buy an ebook i will get free access to the members only area forever? or i will have to pay for it some money every month?

dapzor1 says:

oh my god, can’t the fucking hosts ever shut up? trying to hear what they say, damn.

Dragan Mandic says:

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nfcoard says:

Okay. Thanks for your response. In my experience women are very attracted to confidence and are turned off by a guy who isn’t confident. In moments when I’m confident and happy I do really well but if I’m not feeling good or not confident I don’t do well. This is despite the fact that I am honest, sometimes awkward, completely genuine and kind. The truth is women are a mystery to me! LOL. I do reckon if you don’t have confidence you probably don’t stand much of a chance.

Brett Inserra says:

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Nonster87 says:


Velma Vela says:

Ah oh. I’m not trying to go into any kind of debate it was just my opinion. I say its crap because everyone’s different so you can’t make a few tips like looking at lips or facing a certain direction to get into a girls pants. I don’t think there is a quick fix to getting in a girls pants. Not to say that body language isn’t important I just think it’s just one aspect. I like guys who are honest, awkward, and genuine not cocky or over-calculating. Once again just coming from my perspective.

nfcoard says:

Both are important so I listen to people who teach both. If you were a guy you would understand. Obviously love is way better but courtship and seduction often leads to love and he teaches that initial part which can help you to find love. Besides there’s nothing wrong with having great fairydust without the “love” as long as you eventually do find love.

nfcoard says:

Why do you think it’s crap? What attracts you to a guy?

nfcoard says:

So much for charm and persuasion. Lol

Velma Vela says:

what a load of crap

XTheminecrafter says:

lol its still up because it is scam.

Fervens Indicium says:

Check out my channel to download the The Tao Of Badass for free.

Lily Sanchez says:

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Suyin Zhang says:

i dunno i just ti’s long so maybe 20 minutes

Dem0liTi0nMan65 says:

hello!! how long does the video take?????

Suyin Zhang says:

i watched the video he said was gonna be taken down in 24 hours at one point he said you can find out her secrets and fears and when he say that and i thought a guy might try it on em during my life time and my out my secrets i got scared by that i was like WTF DUDE NO

Max Moralaes says:

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Maire Juana says:

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chriskeene20 says:

These are fake guys

Hold Kjeft says:

This is so gay

Hai Phan says:

Natural men maybe alpha, but the best of them are humble

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